Pat’s is a full line auto parts distributor.

Pat’s has increased their line of filters for heavy equipment and over the road trucks by now carrying Baldwin Filters. We specialize in Tubes n Hoses and are capable of producing up to 1 1/4 inch hydraulic hoses and as small as 1/4″ tubing with short radius bends. State of the art shop with diagnostic equipment capable of performing most repairs on vehicles up to over the road truck size.

Pat’s also specializes in A/C parts and repairs of vehicles.

Pat’s can repair Power Steering, Air Conditioner Hoses and Brake Lines.

Just send in your hoses and we can repair it and have it back to you within days.  The Brake lines may take a few extra days. 

Email us or use the chat feature to contact us about the details of your hose repairs.

Mule Head Brand’s top choices are for degreasing, cleaning, brightening and odor elimination.