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Premium line is Pro Base
The PRO//BASE™ Refinish System is a complete and compliant solventborne refinish system that fulfills a unique position in the market place. Suitable for blendable spot repairs, Pro//BASE is positioned for the medium-volume refinisher who requires better color match and quality than most value-priced systems can offer. As a nationally compliant solventborne system, Pro//BASE is the ideal system for refinishers who do not require the fast cycle times of high-volume premium waterborne or solventborne systems, and do not want to invest in specialized booth and spray equipment. Pro//BASE offers users a familiar, solventborne application process and with fast, simple, and accurate color retrieval, using the PROSPECTOR® and FormulaExpress® color tools. Product Features National Rule and 3.5 VOC compliant basecoat systems meet all North American regulations Highly concentrated, compact toner system provides superior coverage and requires less inventory Fast, simple, and accurate color retrieval, using the PROSPECTOR® and FormulaExpress® color tools to achieve a good, blendable color match – See more at:

Overall refinish system is Crossfire
Cross/FIRE® is an economical, high-quality, mid-range coatings system for use in facilities specializing in high-volume overall repaints and fleet refinishing. Cross/FIRE® offers ease of application, a large color palette, and excellent gloss. Cross/FIRE® is available as a 1K or 2K single-stage and base/clear system with VOC levels to meet all regulatory rules in the United States. Each Cross/FIRE® intermix quality has approximately 30,000 color formulas ranging from vehicle refinish to fleet and everything in between. Product Features Multiple coating qualities mixed from a single mixing bank Multiple basecoat options to meet all your performance and VOC needs Leading 2.8 VOC compliant single stage coating for the high volume overall repaints – See more at:

PCC (Premium Commercial Coatings)
PCC® Premium Commercial Coatings is a complete primer and topcoat system ideal for various industrial, equipment and farm and agricultural applications. PCC offers both 1K and 2K primer systems that are compatible for use with multiple enamel and urethane topcoat systems. Adding to the versatility of this system, PCC is available as both an intermix color system and in popular factory packaged colors, creating a large palette of thousands of colors to meet all of your industrial painting needs. Product Features Low VOC available to meet your market demands Free of lead and chromate hazards 1K and 2K mixing recommendations – See more at:

Finish 1 (Staples)
Finish 1™ Automotive Refinish Products is a value product line offering surface cleaners, undercoats, factory packaged acrylic enamel single stage colors, and clearcoats. With the majority of the products in the system featuring a 4:1 mix ratio, Finish 1™ products are easy to sell and easy to use. Finish 1™ is an excellent product choice for smaller shops, over the counter sales, or for anyone looking for good performance at a value price. Product Features Features vibrant solid, metallic and pearl factory packaged colors representative of today’s popular colors Includes VOC compliant primers, factory packaged colors, and clearcoat products Easy to use, compact system – See more at:

Planet Color 

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Candy coats (Custom and Airbrush paint jobs)
Planet Color’s “7-Steps to a Killer Paint Job” application process takes the guesswork out of custom and restoration vehicle painting. Designed as a guide for applying Planet Color’s Barrett-Jackson Collector Color Series, the 7-Steps to a Killer Paint Job application system walks you through the entire paint processing – from prep to polish, making it an ideal guide for any basecoat/clearcoat application system.